On October 9, 2020, the group match of lol 2020 global finals ushered in the round robin competition of group B, which was between DWG and JDG. Although everyone thought it was difficult for JDG to beat DWG before the competition, JDG finally broke the DWG with its strength and the joint efforts of all. Many players want to know more about the relevant information, interested players to take a look at this article

After winning this game, JDG still missed the first place in the group. It’s a pity that JDG unexpectedly lost the game with PSG. After winning the competition with DWG, JDG people are still blamed by netizens because they come to the second position in the group. JDG is likely to encounter our LPL team in the final eight to fight a civil war, which means that there must be an LPL team eliminated

The first is the MVP single zoom in this game. Although he played well in the face of DWG and has been very stable in the group match, he still apologized for the team’s failure: I’m really sorry that he didn’t win the first place in the group. The next game will not disappoint everyone. From this, we can see that zoom is very sorry for the team’s defeat, but we have to mention that zoom is still the single player in this world championship



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