JDG wild Kanavi在面对GEN频繁的错误时被质疑为什么会出现这种情况。

Hello everyone, I believe most of the players are concerned about the mid season competition. On the first day of the competition, the state of LPL division is very good. Both teams have entered the elimination stage. On the second day, the two strong teams in LPL division play a relatively general role in the competition, especially the champion JDG team in LPL division, Kanavi, a wild player, has become a player who has been questioned. Many players in the LPL competition area have great doubts about it because of the operation of a few fans. In the face of frequent mistakes made by gen, is this a performance

I believe the vast majority of players pay more attention to the JDG team. After all, as the champion of LPL competition in spring this year, many players expect that they can achieve good results in this competition. As the champion team, it certainly represents the top strength of the competition, As a result, they had a very poor result in the second day’s competition. Facing Gen team in Lck competition area, they had no fighting power and the rhythm of field fighting was completely suppressed. Many people began to question the operation and trend of kanavi

Next, let’s take a look at kanavi’s several fan operations in the group battle. In the selection stage, both sides can be said to be equal. JDG team won the version, which is very strong against the wild troll. Gen team used the wild qianjue to deal with it. After the game started, the other side’s czar directly pressed the line, and the troll took the lead in the middle, With his own acceleration, he forced the Tsar’s flash in the river. He thought he could leave in this way. As a result, he directly flashed against the Czar with a pillar, which led to toothpaste flashed on the wall. As a result, he was also stuck by the pillar, and finally he was unable to kill the czar. As a result, he was surrounded by the opponent’s Daye qianjue, and the supporting qinggangying directly killed the card that didn’t flash

The second wave should be kanavi, who returns to the city from the opponent’s blue buff field. At that time, the team should be at a small disadvantage. All players know that once there is a mistake, the team will fall into a passive position. An excellent player should choose to take a few more steps to return to the city. As a result, his return position is directly found. At the moment of being found, she begins to hesitate, After a fight back, he ran away. I felt that if he turned back at that time, he would fight back. He should be able to fight with qianjue, or if he runs away for the first time, he should be able to flash directly through the wall of Longkeng

Because several waves of wild fighting were suppressed, the JDG team collapsed. At the same time, it may also be because of the familiarity with the new system. Although Li Ge’s card was excellent on the first day of the competition, toothpaste’s card also made a lot of mistakes. Several big moves failed to do things. Generally speaking. Not all the problems can be attributed to kanavi. Some of his operations also want to help the team build an advantage, such as the first wave of forced flash. If the card can stop the Czar, it will kill him directly. Maybe it’s just a little bit worse



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