The S11 season is in full swing. I believe most players are concerned about the recent Summer Games. With the official announcement of the start time, the major teams are becoming more and more nervous. JDG team should be the team with higher attention in the past two years. As a top team in LPL competition area, They won the championship in the spring last year and the runner up in the summer

But because of some problems between the team manager and the team members, their word-of-mouth declined rapidly. Even if I won the championship, it didn’t improve my popularity

Players who are familiar with them all know that the food of JDG team is the best. One day before the start of the summer game, the luxurious dinner picture of JDG team is also on fire. The special chef makes it on the spot. Every dish is very exquisite. It is worthy of Beijing People’s Qianjin Club

Game player, game player,

believes that most players are not new to JD g team. As the LPL game team, they have the top core dual C after being established. The single zoom and the Chinese toothpaste have become the representatives of the team. Two people make complaints about the same kind of players. p>

Moreover, the food of JDG team is generally recognized as the best by all players. Generally, the pictures of other teams are taken out, or a table of fried dishes. But after this season, the team will become a luxury dinner, and even a special chef will make it on site. The setting of each dish is very exquisite, It seems that this meal is not cheap

Maybe you don’t realize it. It’s mainly reflected in their wild player kanavi. Before joining the JD g team, he was a substitute wild player in Griffin’s team. In that team, he could only eat the starter. The rest of the meal had no status at all. After being sold to the JD G team of LPL by the management, he had no position at all, The overall physical quality has been greatly improved

And you can obviously feel that the face is gradually round. It was not until last year’s appearance in the LPL competition area that we realized how good the food of the JD g team is? In a year’s time, kanavi joined the Qianjin club

Just recently, the JD g team has once again shown a picture of a luxurious dinner party. You can see that every dish in the picture is very exquisite and the dish is very beautiful. The chef on the spot makes it specially. The most important thing is that the players and the coaching team of the JD g team are used to it. For such a scene, they have been used to it for a long time

This can only show that they have been eating like this for a long time. In addition to eating in the club, such scenes should often appear. I estimate that in addition to the JDG team, other clubs should be difficult to reach such a level

This year’s JDG didn’t have too many staff changes in the summer. It’s estimated that their first round will not change. They are still Shangdan zoom, Daiye kanavi, Zhongdan toothpaste, ad Loken and auxiliary green hair. After all, their team once won the championship of the spring match. As long as the coaching staff study the tactics carefully in private, they should still have a good chance to return to the peak

Judging from the current Hanfu rank, zoom’s training for defeating Wang foyego is very large. It is estimated that on the professional stage, this hero will become the focus of all the battle teams. Of course, it is also possible that he may become the first band of the red side. After all, in the early summer, this hero can not be weakened



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