When it comes to one of the clubs where LPL has made rapid progress, JDG is undoubtedly one of them. Since the 2017 season officially entered the LPL family, the progress of JDG in each season is also visible to the naked eye

In the LPL spring of the 2019 season, JDG advanced to the playoffs with the eighth place result and once reached the final. Although it lost to Ig and won the second place, JDG also completed the “black eight miracle”; However, in the LPL summer of 2019, JDG was in a low state for a time and failed to advance to the playoffs

In the LPL spring competition of 2020 season, JDG finally won the first LPL spring championship in the history of the team. In the summer of the same year, JDG won the second place and took part in the global finals for the first time with the second seed of LPL

Unconsciously, JDG has grown from a new army of LPL to a mainstay of LPL. And just recently, JDG has finally ushered in its fourth birthday. In addition to LPL professional players, official commentators, official hosts, professional team managers and other people in the circle have sent their blessings, Zhang Xinzhe, the “Prince of love songs” is also on the list of sending blessings. It has to be said that JDG’s birthday is quite a card




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