With the end of RNG’s championship, 2021msi will enter an off-season. During this period of time, the most important thing for each team is to adjust the lineup in this summer transfer period, so as to strive for a good reinforcement before the start of the summer game

Because RNG won the MSI championship, LPL will increase the number of places to go to the global finals this year to four, which is also a rare opportunity for some of LPL’s strong teams. We still need to fight for it

On the morning of May 25, JDG officials announced that they would terminate the contract with Xiye, and Xiye would resume her status as a free person. Since the winter transfer period in 2020, Xiye has only joined JDG for a short time in the spring, but even during this period, he rarely has a chance to play. This veteran, who has played two World Games, has been on the bench of JDG in the spring. There are even fans indignant, in addition to no chance to play, the usual training game Xi Ye also did not participate

Therefore, it is expected to restore the identity of a free man. Unfortunately, although they belong to the same team, they still don’t see the expected “Uncle night” combination coming together again

However, recently, there have been many rumors about Xiye’s return to LGD, but I don’t think most of them will be shadowy. They will be spread only when there are signs. It is reported that in addition to Xiye, mark and shadow will also be added to this year’s LGD summer festival

Like Xiye, mark joined BLG after leaving LGD in the last year’s transfer period. He has no chance to play for a long time. This time, he will return to LGD together with Xiye and partner Kramer again to continue their summer vacation

Apart from the two of them, some viewers may not be familiar with shadow. He was a wild player in the mad team of LEC division, and he was also a powerful player in the field. In addition, he was shortlisted as the best team in the European division in the summer of 2020, and he is worthy of the European wild king. Shadow is also a Chinese player. He had a trial training in EDG several seasons ago, but shadow said that EDG management was too strict at that time. He preferred the free and loose European team




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