Now the transfer period is in full swing, many teams may have personnel changes. Some teams have more players and may become free men at this time. Some teams need reinforcement and may need to buy some players. There has been a rumor about going to LGD trial training at night before, but it was only hearsay at that time, and not many people would be sure. However, on May 25, JDG was officially announced, and Xiye became a free man

JDG officially announced that after friendly negotiation between the two sides, the club respected the wishes of the players, so it terminated the contract with Xi Ye and restored its status as a free man. This means that Xi Ye has become a free man and is no longer bound by the club. However, a large number of netizens have blasted the official blog of JDG, and some netizens said that you are really disgusting, and you are not allowed to buy it, and you are in a state of mind. Some netizens also said goodbye, cage. Some netizens also said thank you for letting him and us go

After all, Xiye hasn’t played several games since she joined, so toothpaste may be more suitable for them. Netizens make complaints about it. After all, the game is a little less. Previously, Penguin E-sports anchor de yunse also said in the live broadcast that veteran players like Xi Ye will watch fewer and fewer games

Deyun color pointed out that Xiye was not optimistic about joining JDG at the beginning. After all, the styles of the two are not very similar. Facts have also proved that Xi Ye’s effect after playing is not good. Although he is very strong, he can not play his real strength in the game. Sitting on the bench, he may realize that he will not have a chance to play again after sitting on the bench for such a long time. It’s better to look for other teams than this. There is no need to waste time all the time, even if the team with poor performance at least has a starting place to play



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