Recently, JDG club announced the list of the summer games. Due to Xiye’s departure, JDG’s lineup has also undergone some changes. Among them, zoom, kanavi, Yagao, Loken and Lvmao remain unchanged, and mystic, the team that joined in the spring competition, is still on the list. The most surprising thing is that there is a young player named LPC who was promoted from the second team in the JDG list. As the core player of JDG team 2, LPC has been paid a lot of attention by the club, and the club expects it to grow into an ADC player of LPL. In the LDL League, LPC is also considered to be the second strongest player in ADC players. Its smooth entry into the first team also proves its strength

However, due to the selection of LPC, there will be three ADC players in the list of JDG Summer Games, which is also very puzzling. With two talented Korean players, Loken and mystic, can LPC really have a chance to play? Looking from the spring match, Loken will still be the first ADC of JDG. According to the news of the spring match, mystic has an agreement with the club that it will get the chance to play. If mystic’s form is excellent, then it is likely to keep a rotation with Loken, and they will take turns to play the first ADC. LPC is probably an alternative. If the states of mysitc and Loken are extremely poor, LPC can be on the stage

Of course, there is another purpose to promote LPC into the first team. JDG hopes LPC can grow rapidly. Loken and mystic are veterans. They may retire in the near future. JDG needs an excellent ADC player to complete the characters in the future. Now, by promoting LPC to the first team, LPC can get along with Loken and mystic day and night, learn ADC technology, and speed up the growth. LPC’s entry into the first team is more like preparing for the future. Of course, it can’t be ruled out that LPC will suddenly break out this season and directly replace two Korean aid players as the starting position. However, from the current situation, the probability of this situation is very low



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