It’s getting closer to the start of LPL Summer Games, and each LPL team has announced its summer team one after another. As one of the LPL giants in the past two seasons, JDG announced its summer team early. The JDG lineup of the summer games has little change. In the lineup list announced by JDG, only ad position exists as a substitute

Since the end of the S10 world, JDG’s state has declined obviously, except for zoom on the road, the others are extremely depressed. The decision of introducing Xiye into the spring competition was once highly valued, but the running in between Xiye and the team was not successful. The spring competition did not get many opportunities, and it was abandoned in just one season. After Xi Ye left the team, JDG did not continue to look for substitutes for toothpaste. In the summer, JDG will only have toothpaste in the middle, which may become a big hidden danger for JDG. Whether it’s the S10 world championship or the LPL spring championship of S11, toothpaste is in a very general state, especially in the face of top single, toothpaste is easy to become a breakthrough



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