On the afternoon of May 27, Beijing time, the JDG team that bid farewell to Xiye announced the lineup of LPL Summer Games. Compared with the spring games, the number of coaches and players changed little. Only Xiye left the team to return to LGD, “brother-in-law” mystic will continue to strive for the opportunity to play in the summer games

JDG tried to make Xiye appear in the early spring of this year, but the effect was not good. After changing back to the main force of Yahoo, JDG opened low and went high. After the whole team gradually recovered its form, it successfully ended the winning streak of RNG, ranked fourth in the regular season and advanced to the playoffs. However, it lost to FPX 1-3 in the end, and suffered a “one round Tour” to end the playoffs early. After taking over the top Korean coach Homme’s barbecue team, BP and the coach in the spring match played in a proper way. I wonder if he can bring JDG to the height of last year’s Sn world runner up after running in with the team for a whole season

此外,在JDG夏季阵容的5个职位中,只有ad有3名球员“竞聘上岗”。除了刚刚从LDL JDG二队升入一队的年轻球员LPC之外,最有希望与洛肯轮换的球员是神秘人。去年,他所在的AF球队在Lck夏季赛后首轮淘汰了T1,其稳定性有目共睹,我的姐夫球迷也到JDG官方博客上发表评论:我能在夏季比赛中见到陈胜俊吗?希望神秘主义者在夏天能有机会证明自己的实力。回搜狐看看吧


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