On May 23, 2021, JDG Jingdong E-sports club held the fourth anniversary celebration of “unrestrained love” in Shanghai. At the celebration, many E-sports clubs, famous E-sports commentators and contestants sent video blessings. More than 100 fans and guests were invited to witness their love

At the activity site carefully arranged by the JDG team, the fans and guests at the scene were amazed by the rich and interesting content, exquisite and delicious tea break area, soft surroundings and welfare. In addition, the scene also arranged interactive games with the players, surprise draw and other links, which made the scene atmosphere high and lively

At the same time, in the fourth anniversary celebration, Xiao Enni, vice president of Jingdong Xingyu marketing department, officially announced the brand upgrade plan of JDG team, the online plan of JDG team’s fan app, and the new home landing of JDG team in the future

According to Xiao Enni, vice president of marketing department of Jingdong Xingyu, the brand upgrade of JDG team includes brand-new team logo, brand logo and official JDG cheering gesture. It also announced that it will create brand-new brand derivatives, comic IP and all kinds of JDG team co branding in the future

As an intuitive output point of team culture and image, the importance of team logo is self-evident. Compared with the original team logo, the new team logo of JDG team conveys a more simple and modern visual impression

In the new team logo, JDG follows the classic demon joy double corners, and adds new mecha elements and sharp corners. According to the official introduction, the design concept of the new team logo not only contains the inheritance and continuation of JDG team culture, but also aims to express the team spirit of “brave and fearless” of JDG team in the e-sports arena

In the design of the brand logo, the flame element in the original logo is retained, the combat mecha and electronic digital elements are added, and the two elements are combined to present a more futuristic design and output the JDG team’s spirit of “fighting stronger”

In order to create a more distinctive watching culture, the JDG team also designed a support gesture representing the characteristics of the JDG team according to the new brand logo

At the same time of brand upgrading, JDG team peripheral products also ushered in a comprehensive upgrade. The specific content will start from three directions, strive to diversify the content, and create IP products that meet the public’s various preferences

The first is the new brand derivative series of JDG team. It is reported that the direction of product design is to create a series of sports functional wind products for trendy E-sports fans, which integrate e-sports, outdoor functionality and daily wear, representing the unrestrained and forward competitive spirit of E-sports

Secondly, the JDG team will design and derive the cartoon content and image according to the “Beijing has your” cartoon IP, so as to make a series of products that are more suitable for leisure and secondary fans, and more suitable for the daily life of the public

Finally, the JDG team said that it will create regional characteristics, integrate Beijing culture, and form a Beijing cultural symbol with JDG label – Beijing players. Through the fierce collision between Beijing traditional culture and the trend of e-sports, a new national trend in the field of E-sports will be created

In order to promote brand upgrading more effectively, improve brand layout, strengthen the interaction between fans, clubs and players, increase two-way emotional connection, and provide more high-quality team IP derivatives and welfare activities, JDG team has created a team app with rich content

JDG team applet plans to go online in June 2021. In the future, JDG applet will be used as the welfare supply station for fans of JDG team. Fans can experience more diversified and more interesting membership system and welfare activities brought by JDG team through the dynamic community, member mall, welfare activities and other sections of JDG applet

As the only club with hero league team in Beijing, it is reported that the new home of JDG team will be located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. In addition to the competition venues, the main building will also integrate the Jingdong Xingyu office area, JDG team training base, living space, and high-tech E-sports experience interactive area

At the same time, the new home of JDG team will take high-tech innovation as the theme, and bring new on-site experience for the audience through 5g, 8K and other high-tech digital technologies. At the same time of building a smart and professional E-sports home and creating an E-sports atmosphere, let young users experience the highest technology playing methods in China online

In the future, on behalf of Beijing E-sports culture, JDG team will work with multiple partners to create the most representative cultural landmark of Beijing e-sports, and the only intelligent E-sports complex in Beijing that integrates multiple functions of sports venues, office space, competition and training life

In addition, JDG team announced that it will carry out in-depth strategic cooperation with Weibo. As the communication media platform of JDG’s official strategic cooperative, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in brand building, content communication, player brokerage, cross-border marketing and other fields to achieve joint win-win results




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