However, to the disappointment of the fans, toothpaste didn’t show up for the activity because of illness. However, his teammate Lu Mao immediately put the picture of toothpaste on the big screen, and then took other people to pay homage to the picture. Good guy, just like the confession, is this the status of “team bully”? And this wave of operation made the fans laugh. It can be said that the atmosphere was quite good. I just don’t know what kind of action toothpaste will make when it gets well

In addition, in the fourth anniversary, the most important thing is that JDG has comprehensively upgraded its logo, with the flaming flame as the main body, showing the domineering power of the Iron-blooded mecha, which can bring a very obvious impact to people visually. They claim that this new logo symbolizes love and courage, which has to be said to be quite appropriate, After all, now JDG wants to take another step forward, courage is indispensable for these young people. Of course, the gesture is also changed. In the form of a check mark, the index finger is raised up, which seems to represent the two horns of the little devil. It looks very interesting



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