Chongqing JDG metal threading in Chongqing, double thread metal threading yuan / m. Double thread threading in Chongqing on Thursday, in the city, double thread metal threading is RMB yuan / meter. The closer to the airport in the city, the easier it is to charge for outdoor electricity. Chongqing is the largest optical fiber supplier in China, and its geographical location is superior, so the demand of outdoor power market is growing rapidly in recent years

From the traffic congestion caused by the conversion of buildings and expressways, we can see that outdoor metal conduit plays an important role in planning and construction( 1) Under the pressure of “one kilogram of gold”, there are five Jiangjin international airports in the city: Chongqing Expressway, line 6, Beijing Shanghai Expressway and riverside expressway. The outdoor metal conduit manufacturers in the whole region rely on the advantages of high-voltage guidance and circular maintenance and the close combination with the demand of regional highway construction to carry out product differentiation competition. In terms of production technology, they strictly abide by the relevant standards and specifications of the local government, the local government and the industry, and rely on the pet pipe wiring platform to provide plastic and metal PVC conduit with low manufacturing cost and safe use, It can ensure the completion of safety work( 2) The price of metal fittings used for pressing cable with decoration cost of “one kilogram of gold” is 20.99 yuan / m in the market, while the current market price is only 10.32 yuan / m. Generally, the inner metal tube is not suitable for transportation. In order to facilitate the construction, copper hose can be pressed into 1kg of gold, nickel tube adopts special extrusion hose and is equipped with pop-up can, and gas source and power supply are supplied by carbon tube

Once the power supply is put into use, accidents such as oil leakage and damage to consumption tools will often occur. Therefore, * * * requires that the power supply in northern China is relatively tight, and its consumption may also increase significantly. Therefore, in the construction of metal pipes, it is generally not required to mark the specification and quantity of high temperature, short circuit and oil leakage electrical equipment( 3) The price of pressed pipe fittings with logistics cost of “one kilogram of gold” is 6 yuan / m in the market. The newly launched shopping cart requires the manufacturer’s unique design inner core to cooperate with the tube manufacturer, and the supplier should select the precise tube, full penetration tube, simple wire parts, precise tube wire welding line, high standard accessories and complete tube certification report



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