To develop an economical and applicable use, first of all, we need to have a good reputation, and the product quality should be guaranteed. We should communicate with the seller as soon as possible whether it will affect other functions in the use process. 2. Please refer to the table below for common quotations of JDG pipe manufacturers. When purchasing, we should pay attention to whether the quality is up to standard. We need to test before leaving the factory to determine the exact price. According to years of experience, if you choose to buy partial products, you should choose partial mainstream products. Of course, the price is relatively low. In addition, we should ensure the key points when purchasing, pay special attention to whether the after-sales service is thoughtful

For example, the front-end products, the back-end bracket and the surrounding environment are different, which should be carefully confirmed to avoid unnecessary losses. In addition, the after-sales service must be in place, otherwise the later maintenance of the bracket, rack and cabinet is a big bump, whether the defective products will be returned at will. 3. What is the middle end JDG pipe manufacturer? According to KDP, the middle end tube is “J”. It belongs to hose with PE type pipe, which is composed of pipe, pipe fitting and valve. It is manufactured by different manufacturers on the market, and its shape can be changed according to customer requirements. In this case, the developer needs to ask whether the types of circuits and wires of the mid end products are complete, and whether the price is reasonable. In the selection of brand and model, the developer should try to choose the wire tube manufacturer to avoid rough manufacturing of decoration

5、 What is turning 4S stores into mid end goods? The factory price of different models and types of pipes may vary greatly. It is suggested that consumers consult the local service center. In general, the so-called middle end engineering is referred to as 4S. The quality of 4S project is complex, and in the sales process, its technological process, equipment configuration, decoration style, after-sales service and so on are very important. The quality is very important, so it is very popular with buyers. So 4S after-sales service is very important. Specific measures: 1. For developers, every service in 4S has its value and prospect

2. Brand building should be thorough, detailed and systematic, so as to find compensation when the other party demands or complains. Because all materials, including pipes, are transported by the manufacturer to the local general agency, most of the pipes are sold in the dealers, plus the infrastructure and hardware investment of the company, the service quality of 4S is not easy to be lost under the conditions of industry standardization and benign competition. If there is no manufacturer for the brand, the service quality of line s is not perfect, and the current 4S is mainly sold by brand agents, the price is difficult to reach the standard of 4S stores, so when you enter here, you can only find a brand agent first. The owners can negotiate with the manufacturers to see the service and quality they provide and ensure their legitimate rights and interests. Even if they dock with the manufacturers after complaints, they will only leave and claim for compensation



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